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Please report any voting problems you had on the attached form. Either download the pdf file, fill it out and fax the completed pdf form to (614) 253-2571; or download the Microsoft Word document, complete it, and email it to [email protected]. If you have problems or questions, send us an email.

If you voted provisionally in Ohio, call the Ohio Provisional Ballot Hotline number 1-866-644-6868 and see if your vote was counted. And if not why not? 

If you voted provisionally in Franklin County, your name should be on the list at the Board of Election (click "Provisional Voters - November General Election 2004," it's a big download). Look for your name on the list, and then check your registration at their site. If you voted in the proper polling place, but your ballot was not counted, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE and send in the above form, too.

Make a donation to help the cost of presidential election litigation in Ohio. The Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism is accepting tax-deductible donations via PayPal at their website or by mail c/o The Free Press, 1240 Bryden Rd., Columbus OH 43205 (indicate that your money is to go towards Ohio Presidential Election Litigation). The tax ID is 31-1176151. This is not a donation to C.A.S.E.

Read our Lawsuits page.

Write letters to the editor of local and national papers demanding that they cover the investigation of the Ohio election and use the F word (fraud). See Media Contacts.

Insist that Governor Bob Taft (614) 466-3555 contact, US Senators George Voinovich (202) 224-3353 contact, and Mike DeWine (202) 224-2315 contact, support an investigation of the Ohio 2004 election, the recount, and a revote.

Do the same with Ohio state senators (list) and representatives (list).

Demand independent testing of Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machines. (Computer experts around the country have offered to do this testing pro bono.) Contact the individual Boards of Elections in Ohio.

Volunteer and/or send donations to Black Box Voting. This organization (founder, Bev Harris) is helping to investigate the 2004 election in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, and other states. (Also, read Black Box Voting by Harris, available on the web, to learn more about our broken electoral process.)

Support State Senators Teresa Fedor (614) 466-5204 & email, and C. J. Prentiss (614) 466-4857 & email, in their demand for Ohio election reform.

Ask True Majority, Move On, and Common Cause to help pursue the investigation of the Ohio election.

Remember: flooding any computer system with multiple email messages INCREASES the likelihood of the system slowing down, and DECREASES the likelihood of those messages being read.