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News Immediately After the Election
of November 2, 2004

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12/20/04 New York Times Editorial: Count Every Vote (registration)
12/15/04 Ohio's Election Laws Need Fixed
12/15/04 Several Factors Contributed to 'Lost' Voters in Ohio
12/15/04 Lawmaker Seeks Inquiry into Ohio Vote (registration)
12/13/04 Ohio Recount Rumbling Continues
12/13/04 Delay sought in Ohio electoral vote
12/12/04 Kerry Lawyer Seeks Ohio Ballot Inspection
12/12/04 More Votes Than Voters in Ohio
12/12/04 Greene County, Ohio, Election Board unlocked (registration)
12/11/04 39 Voting Machines Unused [in Franklin County] (registration)
12/10/04 Doubts Persist About Election Results
12/9/04 Some Still Questioning Ohio Vote Count (audio)
12/9/04 Counting Votes (commentary)
12/8/04 Jackson Vows to Continue Ohio Vote Probe
12/8/04 Former Congressman Arrested in Columbus
12/5/04 Campaign Finance Bill About to Debut in Ohio House