Recordings/Records of Events
from the 2004 election

Judiciary Forum, Dec. 13, 2004 in Columbus

Details from the Judiciary Committee Blackwell's Response


Judiciary Forum on Voting Irregularities in Ohio, Dec. 8, 2004
Washington DC

Details from the Judiciary Committee Details from
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Arrests in front of Blackwell's Office, Dec. 8, 2004
Columbus OH

Description Dan Hamburg’s Own Words


Rally for Democracy, Dec. 4, 2004
Columbus OH

Rally Audio from Pacifica Radio archives Rally Audio from Vote Fraud News
Transcript of John Bonifaz’ speech

Nov. 15, Franklin County Courthouse

Video Clips

Nov. 13, New Faith Baptist Church

Video Clips


Audio Interviews:

12/8/04 Open Line WOSU-AM on Election Problems
12/6/04 Evan Davis’ Ohio Election Report
12/5/04 TODAY Show interviews with Susan Truitt and Dan Stewart
12/4/04 Interview with Evan Davis
12/2/04 Second Contest of Election Press Conference featuring Cliff Arnebeck and Jesse Jackson
11/30/04 Democracy Now show including interview with Jesse Jackson
11/29/04 KPFA news report including a piece that Evan filed from Columbus
11/20/04 Press Conference on Contest Of Election suit: Cliff Arnebeck, Bob Fitrakis, and Susan Truitt
11/17/04 Between The Lines interview with Bob Fitrakis
11/10/04 KPFK program on which Cobb announced recount
11/6/04 Interview with Bob Fitrakis, Susan Truitt, and others
Open Line WOSU-AM with Susan Truitt on Election Reform
FSRN news report from Concession Day

Print Interviews:

12/10/04 Interview with John Bonifaz of Nat'l Voting Rights Institute