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Dedicated to secure, reliable and voter verifiable elections in Ohio !

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What: Public Hearing Regarding Voter Disenfranchisement, Suppression, Denial of Constitutional Democratic Voting Rights and other Voting Irregularities

When: Saturday, November 20, 2004 from 1-5 p.m.

Where: Windermere United Methodist Church

14035 Euclid Avenue

East Cleveland (accessible via RTA Red Line)

Calling all poll workers, registered voters, lawyers, law students, provisional ballot voters, organizers, religious personnel, party members, voter registration workers, precinct committee workers, activists, union representatives, concerned citizens and elected officials!

It is time to testify!

Any individuals or organizations with any information about voting irregularities, disenfranchisement or discrimination, voter suppression or denial of voting rights may come forward and give live testimony which will be documented and videotaped.

This information will be part of a formal complaint filed with the Ohio Secretary of State and Boards of Elections and used to demand substantial election reform.

Event sponsors include: Ohio Vigilance, Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections (CASE-Ohio), Greater Cleveland Voter Registration Committee, Cleveland AFL-CIO Federation of Labor, Election Protection, and others.

Contact: Victoria Lovegren,

[email protected], (216) 721-8088

There is also a hearing this Friday evening, November 19, 2004
from 6pm to 9pm
at the AFL-CIO in Cleveland, sponsored by the People for the American Way and organized by Jocelyn Travis (216) 936-6535.