Citizens' Alliance for Secure Elections
Dedicated to secure, reliable and voter verifiable elections in Ohio !

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Honest, reliable, transparent and voter verifiable elections are the bedrock of our democracy, yet there are those who, out of ignorance or greed, would have you accept something less. We ask you to join our fight to preserve this democracy for the generations to come. For their sake and ours, we must win, and win we shall!

Who we are ...

The Citizens’ Alliance for Secure Elections (C.A.S.E.) is a non-partisan organization of citizens from across Ohio who advocate for elections that are secure, reliable, and employ the nation’s best practices. We inform the public, the media, political leaders and government officials about problems in Ohio which we believe compromise our voting system, and about the best solutions to these problems.

We have focused on two major areas:

1. Electronic Voting machines (DREs). We research and point out dangerous shortcomings of DREs without a voter verifiable paper trail, because they are not secure, not reliable, and not subject to meaningful recount. Also, we strongly recommend national Best Practices to reduce potentially serious mishaps in the 2004 election in the 7 Ohio counties that use DREs. After November 2, we will be working to implement Ohio House Bill 262, which requires that by Jan. 2006, all Ohio counties with DREs provide a voter verifiable paper trail capacity.

2. Serious failings in Ohio’s election process which could disenfranchise massive numbers of Ohioans. Current processing of voter registration applications and changes of address, polling place procedures including provisional ballot rules, and methods to avoid voter, poll worker, and Board of Elections errors on election day must be immediately improved. Where there is inaction on the part of Boards of Elections or the Ohio Secretary of State, we alert the public. We also recommend practical solutions based on national research and experience, and advocate their immediate implementation.