Greg Palast's new book, Armed Madhouse, is a must read for everyone.

Out of the total 346 pages, he devotes 76 to the election issues, mostly in Ohio and New Mexico.

He combines humor and cynicism with deep insight and personal information about our world. Iraq is not about the oil, it is about control, and the masses are loosing more and more control every day.

You won't be able to put the book down and you won't be able to rest until you find a way to make a difference.

When he spoke in Columbus on June 20th 2006, he ended by telling the audiance that he wants this book to be read everywhere. He has purposely not copyrighted any of it. (There is a copyright notice but that is only for people who want to make a profit on the contents.)

With the wonderful help of Karl Hess, we have scanned in the chapter on voting and it is here for you to read and learn. We hope you enjoy reading it and then can't rest until you have helped make elections fair and open.


Armed Madhouse