Dear Election Transparency Team,

Only one week to go until the November 7th elections!  With that in mind, here are a few crucial announcements:

New observation questionnaires are now available!
In addition to the state and local Election Transparency Scorecards, Pre-Election Testing and Early Voting Questionnaires, you can now download questionnaires to guide you in observing ballot accounting (reconciling the number of votes cast versus the number of voters who signed in) at the time the polls close on Election Day, and in observing auditing in areas that already have a voter-verified paper record and that plan to conduct manual audits after Election Day.  In addition, you can also download our new Voting Process Accessibility Questionnaire, which is available in three different versions -- on the web, in text format, and in large print.  To access the full set of questionnaires, simply go to

Not sure where to start?  Begin filling out our Election Transparency Scorecards right now!
Don't wait for Election Day in order to take action!  You can complete the Election Transparency Scorecards for your state and county RIGHT NOW, even before Election Day.  Oftentimes, you can do this from your own home as long as you can make some phone calls to your elections department.  These scorecards will provide crucial background information for whatever incidents occur on Election Day.  For example, with information from the scorecards, we'll be able to find out whether locales with LESS transparency and openness in their process have MORE problems on Election Day.  Worried that you won't be able to answer all the questions on the scorecards?  Don't worry -- we'll be happy to receive any information you can gather.  Not a part of an election observation group?  No problem -- these scorecards can be completed by individuals.  Not sure if you can finish the scorecard by Election Day?  That's okay too... we can still use your information even after the elections are over (but the sooner, the better!).

If you plan to complete an Election Transparency Scorecard for your state and/or your county (or other local voting jurisdiction), please e-mail us at [email protected] and tell us which state and/or local jurisdiction you're covering.  We'd like to get a scorecard in for every state in the nation, and as many counties as possible!  By letting us know which you're covering, we'll be able to fill in the gaps.

The state Election Transparency Scorecard can be downloaded at
The local (county) Election Transparency Scorecard can be downloaded at

Wondering what you can do on Election Day?  Take the Voting Process Accessibility Questionnaire with you when you go to vote!
When you go to vote, make it an opportunity to observe!  Take our Voting Process Accessibility Questionnaire with you and use it to gather information on the level of access to the voting process for persons with disabilities.  Here at Verified Voting, we want nothing less than a voting system and process that provides full access to the ballot for all our citizens, privacy and independence in casting the ballot, and an accurate count of the ballots cast.  Measuring the level of accessibility will help us know where there are obstacles that need to be addressed.

The Voting Process Accessibility Questionnaire can be downloaded at

Join the Election Transparency Project discussion list -- [email protected]!
Verified Voting is happy to announce our new Election Transparency Project nonpartisan discussion list, [email protected].  This discussion list was created just for you, the Election Transparency Project volunteers.  By subscribing, you’ll be able to communicate easily with other Election Transparency Project volunteers and citizen observers from all over the country.  The movement for free and fair elections is vibrant and alive and growing!  Join the WatchTheVote list to connect with other Election Transparency Project participants!

To subscribe to the WatchTheVote discussion list, go to
Nonpartisan posts related to voting and elections are welcome!

Good news!  Voter Action's legal team is here to help!
Voter Action will be offering legal support to project participants for DRE-related voting machine problems before, on, and after Election Day via its toll-free number -- 1-888-SAV-VOTE.  Voter Action's legal teams will also lend their legal eye to the information that we gather through this project.  Verified Voting is grateful to have Voter Action's legal support, and happy that Voter Action is encouraging people to get out and observe through its recently announced Watch The Vote national outreach campaign.

Wondering how to submit the data that you've gathered?
Never fear!  We'll be sending more info to your inbox soon on how to submit the data that you collect.  Rest assured that it'll be simple, easy, and painless.  We'll also offer some training sessions for those who choose to enter their data via our online system -- more on that soon!  Remember, the info that you provide will be the springboard for reforms to the election process for years to come.

We're counting on you to help us secure trustworthy elections for the United States.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected], or at 415-487-2255.  Thanks so much for your dedication and commitment to saving our democracy!

Most sincerely,

Courtenay Strickland Bhatia, Verified Voting President, Dr. David Dill, Verified Voting Founder, and the rest of the Verified Voting Team

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