White Paper

A team of about 15 people, many with expert knowledge of Ohio elections, and including a few exparts in statistics from outside of Ohio, have produced a White Paper on audits for Ohio. It is just one recommendation that SOS Brunner has or will receive.

16 Feb 2009
Ohio 2008 Audit Review
PDF (126 kB)

Audit Observer Instructions
23 Nov 2008
Form A: Precinct Selection  PDF (57 kB)
Form B: Counting Ballots
PDF (153 kB)
PDF (62 kB)
Precinct Worksheet
PDF (35 kB)
Tally Worksheet
PDF (36 kB)

Ohio Recommended Audit Procedures
SAGE  (Statistical Audit with Greater Effeciency)
12 Sep 2008 
Audit Draft Directive PDF  (170 kB)
2 Jun 2008
Recommended Audit Procedures
PDF (177 kB)

17 Apr 2008 
White Paper presented to SOS by Ron Olson and many others who helped create it. PowerPoint (410 kB)

Ohio Audit Cost Estimates  (Background from 2004 and 2006 for the costs of the proposed audits.) .XLS  (560 kB)
19 Feb 2008 
White Paper: Consideration of Ohio Audits in 2008 PDF (220 kB)