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last updated 15 Oct 2013



What voters get


HB 269


Bill requires having a photo ID to vote early in person or on election day. Only 4 types of photo ID would be accepted: Ohio driver�s license, Ohio ID card, Military ID, or passport. Free ID would be provided only to those below the federal poverty level.

Status: no hearing yet

  must have a picture ID

HB 266


To generally prohibit the mailing of unsolicited election forms and prepayment of postage for the return of election forms and to clarify that a board of elections is responsible to send and receive absent voter's ballot materials.

Status: no hearing yet

   Unsolicited election forms
   Return postage for same
   Early voting hours


HB 263


Bill requires all county board of election to set standard hours for early voting, from 8am-4:30pm Monday through Friday.

Status: no hearing yet

HB 250


the bill would reduce the early vote period from 35 days to 17 and the final day would be Friday before the election.

Status: no hearing yet

    18 days of early voting
    same day registration


SB 205


Bill would prohibit counties from mailing unsolicited absentee applications; only the SoS may send unsolicited absentee applications IF it is an even-year and the general assembly has made an appropriation. BOEs are prohibited from prepaying postage on absentee ballot applications or absentee ballots. BOEs also may not complete any portion of an absentee ballot application, ID envelopes, or absentee ballot on behalf of a voter. If an election official determines the absentee statement accompanying the ballot is incomplete the vote shall not be counted.

Status: no hearing yet

SB 200


2 Oct

Bill would grant the SoS broad discretion to share data with various state agencies for the purpose of maintaining the voter registration database.

Status: Second hearing (10/16)

SB 193


10 Aug

Title: To eliminate intermediate political parties, to revise the processes for determining political party status and for establishing new political parties, and to declare an emergency.

Bill changes the requirements for small third parties to gain recognition and have candidates placed on the ballot. Emergency clause added so bill will take effect immediately and will apply to 2014 election. Changes former requirement that petitions must be submitted 120 days before a primary election to 125 days from the general election. Adds a new requirement that the petition must be signed by at least 500 electors from at least half of Ohio�s congressional districts.

Status: Passed Senate 10/8

SB 175


Bill would allow online voter registration for new registrants.

Status: no hearing yet

ACLU has excellent summaries of these bills.

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Voting Rights Summary


A 8 May

This bill authorizes electronic poll books and specifies that ballots that contain �double bubble� overvotes (voter selects candidate and also writes in the same candidate name) must be counted on absentee ballots but NOT for ballots that were marked in-precinct on Election Day.

    • Status: passed by Senate 5/8

SB 10


polling places and voting machines.

HB 13


Rules for Ballots with Election Official Error

HB 21


Health Care Isolation Voting Access



Proposing to amend Sections 2 and 20 of Article I of Ohio Constitution

* Status P=Pending   I - Introduced  E=Enacted  A - Adopted  Com - In Committee
** OFEN = Ohio Fair Elections Network  statement


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